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I was honoured recently when Ottawa Studio Works owner Harry Nowell, asked me to be part of an exhibition he will be showing this weekend.
The show titled “Welcome the Ottawa Music Festivals Show of Music Photography” will feature such noted concert photographers such as André Ringuette, Brian Goldschmeid, Sandy Sharkey, Steve Gerecke, Harry Nowel and myself.

The event takes place tomorrow, Saturday June 16th from 7-11pm, so come on out and have a look at some of my colleagues’ incredible work.
More information can be found on Harry’s Blog.

Thank you Brian Goldschmeid for the encouragement… much appreciated!


Ottawa Studio Works

Scott Martin, Sandy Sharkey & Harry Nowell

I’ve noticed lately, especially with some of the new younger crop of emerging photographers, a trend to apply a heavy-handed use of skin retouching techniques.

I’m sure we’ve all seen examples where the subjects face looks like plastic and too smooth to be real. The problem as I see it is that the retoucher is applying blur. The issue with this technique is that we completely lose all skin texture to the point of being unrealistic. Not only that, but if you zoom in, you’ll notice very soft eyebrows and eyelashes.

There are some excellent Photoshop plugins such as Portrait Professional by Anthropics Technology and my favourite, Portraiture by Imagenomic that can help you with your beauty / skin retouching workflow.

Even with these excellent tools, you still need to go easy with them. Go ahead and get rid of blemishes, pimples and wrinkles and then start working on skin softening with the above mention tools but be gentle and keep it real.

Of course, the plugins are like having your camera on “P” mode. You’re allowing the technology behind them to make all the decisions for you. Get to know and learn what is happening behind the scenes so that you can be in control and make your own decisions.


Subtle retouching example.

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